Haptics Use Cases and Applications in VR: Assistive

What should be considered while planning to include haptics in a VR assistive solution?

The goals of these use cases are typically to influence or generate a measurable improvement in patient responses to standard measures. Measures can include physiological improvements such as reduced heart rate, anxiety, etc., task-related improvements such as task completion times, error rates, etc., or other miscellaneous measures such as therapy duration.

What are the key values to adopt a VR assistive solution?

The specific role of haptics varies materially by use case, but generally speaking, it can have the following values:

Why should you include haptics in your VR assistive solution?

Generally speaking, assistive haptic feedback needs to consider these key points:

Which haptics characteristics should you optimize while designing your content and choosing your haptics device?

Security. Assistive virtual reality use cases deal with patient data which is a regulated area and requires specific management.

Overview of VR assistive use case

Assistive use cases relate to health and wellness, rehabilitation, and other typically therapeutic or clinical uses to improve patient outcomes. This area is relatively nascent in terms of haptics but does provide some novel considerations relative to the use and value of haptic feedback. Virtual reality technologies are used within rehabilitation processes for impaired patients. Virtual reality is used to target specific movements, or to subject the patient to specific stimuli to accelerate recovery.

Soldier uses HaptX Gloves to interact with the U.S. Army’s Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation

Who is Interhaptics?

Interhaptics is a software company specialized in haptics. Interhaptics provides hand interactions and haptic feedback development and deployment tools for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), mobile, augmented reality (AR), and console applications. Interhaptics’ mission is to enable the growth of a scalable haptics ecosystem. Interhaptics strives to deliver top-notch development tools for the VR/MR/AR, mobile, and console developer community, and the interoperability of haptics-enabled content across any haptics-enabled platform.



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Interhaptics is a development suite designed to build and create realistic human like interactions as well as haptics feedback for 3D application in XR