Enhance player immersion with Haptics for iOS and Android Games using Interhaptics for Mobile

Haptic feedback, the next step for user immersion

In 2020, there were 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide (Statista). The latest advances in haptics technology included in smartphones open an incredible range of possibilities for user experience (UX) in mobile games.

Design once and deploy for both Android & iOS applications

Developing haptics for Android and iOS devices is vastly different. Existing development tools are vertical for the OS (Operating System).

How Interhaptics for Mobile works

Interhaptics for Mobile and Augmented Reality (AR) lets you design haptic feedback for smartphone applications for both iOS and Android. Without any coding, instantly enhance your mobile augmented reality (AR) app and mobile games with haptics, resulting in experiences that immerse users and keep them engaged.

Test and share your haptics with the Interhaptics Player

Natively Integrated into Unity 3D

More than 50 % of worldwide mobile games and augmented reality experiences are built with Unity. This platform became the epitome of rapid development for mobile gamers. For this reason, Interhaptics is natively integrated with Unity. Interhaptics includes a Unity plugin with a solid event management system for smartphone haptics to streamline your development.

Experience haptics on mobile games

Interhaptics is also launching its Haptic Mobile Games Demonstrator. The demonstrator comprises five different examples of mini-games where you can use the Interhaptics for Mobile Packages to add haptics to your smartphone applications, including four different cases where using tactile feedback improves the user experience. You can test them to get an overview of what you can do with Interhaptics for Mobile and Augmented Reality (AR).

What is Interhaptics?

Interhaptics is a software company that specializes in haptics. Interhaptics provides hand interactions and haptic feedback development and deployment tools for extended reality and mobile applications.



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Interhaptics is a development suite designed to build and create realistic human like interactions as well as haptics feedback for 3D application in XR