Empowering VR development with efficiency and haptics

5 min readFeb 17, 2022

About the integration

In summer 2021, Interhaptics and MindPort collaborated to simplify the creation of professional VR applications in Unity. By merging the strengths of Interhaptics as a haptics solution provider and MindPort for creating fully functional VR applications, they created the gate to next level content creation on Unity. In doing so, Interhaptics’s VR Interactions Essentials and Mindport’s VR Builder have been updated to support both products to be used in VR applications together.

The integration includes hand tracking, haptic interactions capabilities and fully customizable no-code features for building professional VR applications.

This integration is a must for anyone looking to improve their VR development workflow and implement sophisticated hand tracking and haptics interactions. This applies to VR Unity developers and non-developers alike.

Highlights of the Integration

The integration is a combination of Interhaptics VR Interaction Essentials and MindPort’s VR Builder. Interhaptics’ VR interaction Essentials is an interaction focused Unity plug-in use to enhance VR applications with precise hand tracking and haptic experiences. MindPort’s VR Builder, on the other hand,is a Unity plug-in for creating better VR content faser. . The combination of the two plug-ins is a holistic solution that optimizes the process and quality of VR development in Unity.

For the integration, we developed a communication layer within the VR Interaction Essentials modules that enables the support of VR Builder. Consequently, both products communicate perfectly with each other. For Unity developers this means that by using both products simultaneously they can reduce VR development time and create more immersive experiences.

What if I have not used Interhaptics or MindPort products before?

Then you’ve hit the jackpot! Download the full integration (VR Interaction Essentials and VR Builder) and benefit from the full value offered by both Interhaptics and MindPort.


  1. Automatic setup: Configure your Unity project and VR hardware in 3 steps.

2. Define the workflow in VR with a graphical user interface: Create and manage steps of your VR app with a simple drag and drop behavior.

3. VR-ready interactions: Create professional VR interactions in seconds and according to best practices for VR.

4. Text-to-speech-audio: Simply type text to create synthesized audio instructions

5. Access a manifold of ready-made interaction prefabs: More than 10 different categories that fit into diverse scenarios for your VR application.

6. Implement sophisticated hand tracking interactions: Add a unique layer to VR applications by precise interactions, such as two-hand interactions, grasping, and snapping.

7. Haptic feedback embedded interactions: Most of the interactions included in the integration include haptic feedback in the form of vibrations, textures, or stiffness. Users will sense the haptic feedback depending on the hardware in use.

8. Cross-platform device compatibility: deploy your VR application on both Oculus and steamVR based devices.

Where can I try out the integration in VR?

Still unsure if the integration is for you? Then access the (compiled) demo application on SideQuest for free and try out the interactions. It might help you make the right decision. Have fun!

Where to get the integration?

The great value of this integration is that both packages — VR Interaction Essentials and VR Builder — complement each other perfectly. This means that you can create your VR application with VR Builder and enhance user interactions with hand tracking and haptic capabilities using VR Interaction Essentials. To celebrate the milestone of this partnership and to support the VR community, we have decided to offer VR Interaction Essentials at 50% discount for a limited period of time! VR Builder stays FREE and open source. Download the integration (VR Interaction Essentials and VR Builder) and create better VR content faster with hand tracking and haptic interactions!

About MindPort

MindPort believes that the power of immersion has a positive impact on humanity and the environment. Therefore, the company aims to democratize immersion by making VR content creation accessible to everyone. To deliver on this promise, MindPort has chosen to make its software open source and design its products to be used by anyone, regardless of their current programming skills. This low-code functionality and ease of use is what makes MindPort’s products so popular amongst both developers and non-developers.

About Interhaptics

Interhaptics is a software company specialized in haptics. Interhaptics provides hand interactions and haptic feedback development and deployment tools for the metaverse, mobile, and console applications. Interhaptics’ mission is to enable the growth of a scalable haptics ecosystem through haptics standardization, cross-technology, and cross-platform deployment.




Interhaptics is a development suite designed to build and create realistic human like interactions as well as haptics feedback for 3D application in XR